Where to Do Stamping for Tenancy Agreement in Malaysia

Where to Do Stamping for Tenancy Agreement in Malaysia

Are you a landlord or tenant in Malaysia looking to legalise your tenancy agreement? If you are, you may be wondering where to go to have your agreement stamped. Stamping is a crucial step in ensuring the validity and legality of your tenancy agreement. In Malaysia, there are several places where you can do stamping for tenancy agreements.

One option is to visit the nearest Inland Revenue Board (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) branch in your area. This is a government agency responsible for the collection of taxes, including stamp duty. You can locate the nearest branch on their website or by calling their hotline. Make sure to bring a copy of your tenancy agreement and proof of payment of the stamp duty fee, which is calculated based on the rental amount and duration of the tenancy.

Another option is to use the online stamping service provided by the Malaysian Government. This service is available through the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU). To use this service, you need to register and log in to the e-Stamping portal, fill out the required details of your tenancy agreement, and pay the stamp duty fee online. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive the stamped agreement via email.

If you prefer to use a private service provider, there are several options available in Malaysia. These include law firms, company secretarial firms, and accounting firms that offer tenancy agreement stamping services. You can search for these providers online or through business directories. Make sure to choose a reputable provider and inquire about their fees and turnaround time before engaging their services.

In conclusion, stamping your tenancy agreement is an essential step in ensuring its legality and validity. In Malaysia, you can do stamping at an Inland Revenue Board branch, use the online stamping service, or employ a private service provider. Whatever option you choose, make sure to comply with the stamp duty regulations and retain a copy of the stamped agreement for your records.